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COD produs PPI 02

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Pantofi eleganti pentru barbati.
Compozitia pantofi: 100% piele "intoarsa".
Talpa din piele
Culoare : albastru electric
Pantofi albastrii din piele , eleganti , fara siret destinati evenimentelor speciale:tinuta smoking, tinuta frac, costume albastre elegante.

Sharp, handsome shoes
Extremely well made and uses high quality leather .
You can tell the attention to detail in these shoes when you put them on. Great special events shoes and compliment any suit were blue shoes are appropriate.
A manís shoes will tell you more about who he is than anything else he wears. They can tell you how affluent he is, what sort of taste he has, how much he values comfort, how ambitious he is, and how well he takes care of himself.


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